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Balochistan Rural Support Program



Logo of BRSPSince 1991, Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP) has been working in the districts located along the Pakistan-Afghan border, including Quetta and Killa Saifullah and - since 2001 - in Sherani, Pishin, Zhob and Loralai districts, supporting communities in setting up and running their own community institutions and integrating and diversifying agriculture, livestock, irrigation, drinking water, sanitation, community mobilization and organizations for poverty eradication.

The organization's main focus has remained on developing an approach to recovery that focuses on how best to restore the capacity of communities, organizing community institutions aimed at reconstruction and recovery from economic crisis and preventing relapses. This is done by focusing on activities that are central to developing a peaceful and progressive social environment and also on better natural resource management.

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The main objectives are to provide job opportunities, improve people's standard of living and help to promote economic development in the region.


BRSP works closely with local communities, helping them to develop strong functional links with public sector service providers and policy makers in the planning and implementation of agriculture, livestock and water resource management. It also supports social mobilization and the organization of cohesion activities to which communities can make a significant contribution.


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