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how donors can support us?


DSC_0109There are several different mechanisms that allow potential donors to actively support the PATRIP Foundation and its goals. Endowments enable donors to make a one-off payment, while grants allow donors to support the foundation over a longer period of time.

By joining the PATRIP initiative you can:


  • Support transition, development and stabilization in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan
  • Support isolated and volatile border regions
  • Fund projects in remote areas without direct involvement being required
  • Provide endowment or donations to the Foundation
  • Donate once or over several years
  • Earmark your donation for a specific region, implementation organization or project
  • Provide non-financial support in the form of advice, studies or promotional work
  • Participate in PATRIP and help shape its design






Donors supporting the PATRIP Foundation for a minimum of three years with a significant donation have the opportunity to take a seat on the Supervisory Board and actively influence the direction taken by the Foundation.

The PATRIP Foundation has a flexible and professional approach to the needs and realities of its partners.

As a small foundation we are highly adaptable in the way we work with partners. We are open to different rules and regulations and are prepared to find successful and sustainable methods of cooperation. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our work, our projects and potential partnerships.