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Mission East

Mission East (ME) is a Danish international relief and development NGO founded in 1991 and active in Tajikistan and Afghanistan for over 15 years. Mission East strategically focusses on disaster risk reduction, rural community development, human rights programmes, with relief programming as disasters arise.


The rural community development programme includes livelihood development activities, water, sanitation and hygiene-related activities, micro-business development and food security projects.


Mission East´s PATRIP Foundation project

Providing clean water and sanitation and promoting better hygiene and sanitary practices for at-risk border communities in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Water systems are provided to remote border villages andschools in Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

The first step is to construct gravity water flow schemes and reservoirs, applying SPHERE quality standards and ensuring maintenance of the water systems through:

establishment and training of water user committees in each village

training of maintainance technicians in each village, to manage and maintain the water systems, overseen either by the local village organization or the newly-established user committees.