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Mission East (ME) is a Danish international relief and development NGO founded in 1991 and active in Tajikistan and Afghanistan for over 15 years. Mission East strategically focusses on disaster risk reduction, rural community development, human rights programmes, with relief programming as disasters arise.


The rural community development programme includes livelihood development activities, water, sanitation and hygiene-related activities, micro-business development and food security projects.


The human rights program focuses on enhancing the implementation of the rights of adults and children living with disabilities, and girls and women who are marginalized due to their gender.




Inauguration of the water tap in Ushkharv_Mission EastMission East's own staff of approximately 370 - the majority of them local experts - provides programme coordination and management. As well as direct implementation, Mission East works with and through a network of local and international partners.


Worldwide the various Mission East offices share the same goal: to enable local communities to organize and assist themselves.


The lead values for the offices' management activities are: honesty, integrity, compassion, valuing the individual and respect for all people, irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, gender, age or social-economic background.


As a Danish-based NGO, Mission East has a strong donor support base in Denmark, with approximately 10,000 private supporters as well as help from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from related government funds such as CISU and DM-CDD. Other institutional donors are currently PATRIP, the European Union with EuropeAid and ECHO, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Global Fund and various UN agencies including UNDP and FAO.



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