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Organization for Relief Development



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Organization for Relief Development (ORD) is an Afghan non-profit, non-sectarian and non- political humanitarian organization founded in 2003.


ORD's goal is to support sustainable development by building social and economic capacity - including infrastructure - in Afghan rural communities. ORD believes that communities should be at the center of any successful development strategy.


ORD has worked in social and rural development in highly unstable areas such as Paktya, Khost, Ghazni, Wardak, Kabul, Balkh, Jowsjan, Saripul and Faryab provinces. ORD's ongoing activities cover the fields of education, health, infrastructure and agriculture, including irrigation.


Intoduction of PATRIP to Paktia_ORD

The organisations most extensive programs are in the districts of Paktya and Khost provinces, bordering Pakistan. Local, traditional laws and customs are strongly adhered to in Loya Paktya communities as well as in neighbouring Pakistani regions. Launching programs in such areas need sensitive approaches to decision making, conflict histories and involvement of all stakeholders.

ORD has been able to work with tribes that are too often considered to be opposed to development in what is a de-facto semi-autonomous region: Zadran, Mangal, Jaji, Moqbal, Chamkani, Tani, Ahmadzai, or Kharoti. Communities and tribes have been keen to participate in development projects ranging from education to sport. They have even requested ORD to support girls' education.


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