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ORD´s PATRIP Foundation projects



nursery work progress_ORDRehabilitation of nursery farm, office building and Dand Patan & Chamkani

irrigation structure
This project is designed to restore and establish nursery saplings production and food security after flooding and war in Paktya area, reducing poppy cultivation and thus ensuring food security and sustainable development on both boarder areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It aims to promote skills and enrich the income sources of farmers through natural resources mobilization and providing training as well as introducing nursery saplings to raise the value of farmers' products.

Construction of a new building for Kharoti middle school
The existing Kharoti middle school is a formal middle school with 9 classes, 9 teachers and 300 students of which 68 come from the Pakistani side. Due to a lack of infrastructure and capacity students studied outside under trees. With this project, a new building with 12 class rooms will be built and equipped with desks, chairs and boards, 5 latrines and a drinking water well with a hand pump. 7 villages from Pakistan and 20 villages from Afghanistan will benefit from this project. For the supervision of the school activities a parent - teacher association with Pakistani and Afghan parents will be established.


Kharoti School inauguration ceremony_ORD


Construction of Mada Khil and Darah Moqbil Burn and Trauma Center and Nargasi Basic Health Unite

The nearest existing Health Unites in all three cases are located in the district/province center and lack sufficient capacity to cover all villages in the regions including the Pakistan side of the boarder. Many Pakistani who live close to the boarder bring their patients and children for treatment and vaccination to Shar-e-Now district on the Afghan side of the boarder as they belong to the same religious and ethnic group. The main security problem are sectarian fighting between Sunni and Shya, specially in the Tari Mangal area. Maintenance and operation of the unites will be provided by the Ministry of Public Health. The Ministry will also provide all medical services and the salary for doctors, nurses and other staff. Additionally, a village development council of community elders will be established that will regularly supervise the BHUs activities.