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DSC_0102Allocating funds through local partners

The PATRIP Foundation acts as a trust fund manager, pooling funds and coordinating implementation partners with a view to enhancing cross-border exchange between Afghanistan and its neighbours. The partners consist of international and national non-governmental organizations that meet the PATRIP Foundation's criteria.


Actively involving the local community

Individual projects are selected in close consultation with the local community. The implementation partners assist with the selection and prioritization process and also facilitate coordination with local authorities. Projects must always reflect the priorities of the local inhabitants, but at the same time have to be aligned with local development plans.
They are realised by the community itself, with the help of the implementation partner, or - in the case of complex projects - a professional construction company. However, the community is always involved in one way or another, which enables the Foundation to operate in sometimes volatile environments.



Sharing responsibility for monitoring

The PATRIP Foundation's Monitoring Team is responsible for checking DSC_0150construction quality and advising on possible improvements. The team, which is located in Islamabad and Peshawar in Pakistan, consists of one German, one Pakistani and one Afghan engineer and two administrative officers. It regularly visits the construction sites, reviews the bill of quantities and the designs, and also monitors the use of funds.


Reinforcing sustainability

Operation and maintenance of the newly built or renovated infrastructure is an important aspect - and the question of who is responsible for this has to be clarified before funding starts. The implementation partners establish whether operation and maintenance can be carried out solely by the local community or the local administration will accept responsibility.