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why donors support us




The PATRIP Foundation serves as a development vehicle, pooling funds from various donors and implementing projects of value to the region. One of the foundations basic aims is to act as a reliable partner for all the donors involved. Pooling funds not only increases the positive impact of cross-border projects but also enhances cost-effectiveness and efficiency for recipients and contributing countries.


The PATRIP Foundation operates on the basis of clear and robust principles, with procurement guidelines and a reporting system based on KfW international standards. These principles enable donors to make cost-effective and targeted investments that help to significantly improve living conditions for inhabitants of these fragile and vulnerable areas.




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The Foundation achieves a high degree of flexibility in its work, thanks to the virtual lack of any restrictions to its cooperation with governmental sectors, its choice of implementation agencies or the size of projects. The PATRIP Foundation invites contributing partners to have a say in how funds can best be used.


The quality and impact of chosen projects is ensured by a range of selection criteria that include a potentially positive impact on regional links, cross-border and regional cooperation, social infrastructure, cost-effectiveness and/or current programs.