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Wish International

Wish International is a non-governmental organization specializing in management, consulting and implementation of specific projects and programs and working since its inception with partners in the non-profit and development sector, including UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, international and national NGOs. We develop and implement a wide range of projects: in education, health, capacity building, vocational training, livelihood development, community participation, environment, infrastructure, water and sanitation etc. We also have extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation, needs assessment, research and appraisal initiatives.

Coordination meeting with of Wish International with ORD_Afghanistan_I

Wish International´s PATRIP Foundation projects

Wish International is undertaking the establishment of two burn and trauma centres in DHQ hospital, Dir and Khalifa Gul Nawaz hospital, Bannu with the funding and support of the PATRIP Foundation.

The centres will have an emergency trauma set-up, with emergency procedure theatres, trauma / burn wards and fully equipped operating theatres for trauma / reconstructive surgeries.