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Wish International



Logo of Wish International kleinWish International is a non-governmental organization specializing in management, consulting and implementation of specific projects and programs and working since its inception with partners in the non-profit and development sector, including UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, international and national NGOs. We develop and implement a wide range of projects: in education, health, capacity building, vocational training, livelihood development, community participation, environment, infrastructure, water and sanitation etc. We also have extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation, needs assessment, research and appraisal initiatives.

In the field of policy development, we pursue a communication-based approach. Practical examples for the different options are jointly developed with an emphasis on consensus amongst all stakeholders. Pilot projects at Signing of MoU between Wish International and Health Department_KPK_1different levels initiate discussion on possible approaches, and community organizations, associations and enterprises are encouraged to agree on impact-oriented interventions.

Wish International also encourages public-private-partnerships (P3) wherever possible. We plan, implement and evaluate projects and programs using donor-oriented and participatory methodology that allows full integration of all participants right from the start.

Our success can be seen from the immediate results of our work, though more often from its long-term impact. We also have several years of experience in project and program management. Over the years we have developed and refined several useful tools in this area. In addition, our extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation enables us to help our partners across the entire range of project management issues.

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