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Wish International´s PATRIP Foundation projects



Site validation at DHQ hospital_Lower Dir_IBurn-Trauma / Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery Centres (BTRPSC)
Wish International is undertaking the establishment of two burn and trauma centres in DHQ hospital, Dir and Khalifa Gul Nawaz hospital, Bannu with the funding and support of the PATRIP Foundation.



The centres will have an emergency trauma set-up, with emergency procedure theatres, trauma / burn wards and fully

equipped operating theatres for trauma / reconstructive surgeries.



The project will also Site validation at Khalifa Gul Nawaz hospital_Bannu_Ioversee the provision of equipment and related materials to these centres.





The project also envisages comprehensive local training programme of 48 doctors and para-medical staff at Hayatabad Medical Complex. Additionally, 8 doctors will be sent abroad for training in order to maintain high standards of services in the burn-trauma centres.

The project also has a strong cross-border coordination element to support the provision of similar facilities in Afghanistan.




The German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) recently published an article about a related telemedicine project by the PATRIP Foundation, which was funded by the GFFO via KfW and implemented by Wish International. The project is connected to the five Burn and Trauma Centres in remote areas (three in Pakistan and two in Afghanistan) that were also supported by the PATRIP Foundation and implemented by Wish International and the ORD. The aim of the project was to equip the Plastic Surgery Unit at the Hayatabad Medical Complex in Peshawar, Pakistan, and the five Burn and Trauma Centres with telehealth equipment in order to be able to provide round the clock medical support to the communities living in remote areas.


Dr Tahir and Jens Clausen at a telehealth session

Dr Tahir and Jens Clausen at a telehealth session


Here you find the whole article on the website of the GFFO.